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Every year in America there are millions of preventable injuries and deaths. For Lawyers on the Side of People the primary goal is to forge a safer society by forcing negligent wrongdoers to accept responsibility and hopefully to prevent future injuries. A second goal is to achieve the only justice frequently available to the victim, economic compensation for the harm suffered.

The causes of injury may be from automobile crashes, falls, railroad crossings, fires, explosions, unsafe products and recreational activities. Preventable injury and death at work, from avoidable health injuries – COPD, cancer, nervous system injury from chemical exposure – or negligent medical care occur every day. The numbers are staggering. Those injured but not killed are in the millions each year.   The cost to society is in the billions.

Harry Philo, my mentor as a Lawyer on the Side of people, fought for those harmed by the negligent and intentional conduct of businesses and individuals. Harry emphasized that unreasonable privilege given to wrongdoers in the form of immunity, damage caps, evidentiary limitations or procedural limitations should be unconstitutional.

When these unconstitutional grants of privilege shield the culpable wrongdoer from economic responsibility, society and the taxpayer bear the burden of the medical and financial consequences of the negligent or intentional act. Companies are permitted to put profits ahead of safety. Governmental agents may put power and fear ahead of the Constitution or reasoned thinking.

Examples of lawyers forcing multi-billion dollar corporations to re-design products, improve warnings, withdraw dangerous products from the marketplace, improve workplace safety are well documented.

“A World Without Lawyers”

It is the payment of damages that forces others to operate more safely, to refrain from harmful conduct and thus prevent injury in the first place.

Without Lawyers on the Side of People, an insurance company will take advantage of the unrepresented consumer for the sole purpose of limiting, or denying, compensation – whether it be for property damage or personal injury. Those companies have layers of protection and employees to review and evaluate claims. The Government has prosecutors and investigators.

The injured, killed and wrongly accused need their advocates, too.  The experienced lawyer is that advocate.

I have been a Lawyer on the Side of People of Stark County and surrounding areas since January 1978. My birth place and hometown is Massillon, Ohio where I live with my spouse Maude and where our kids were raised. We are committed to our community. I am committed to my clients, most of whom work and live in the area.

My office focuses its efforts on helping those individuals and their families hold the insurance companies accountable for the harms caused by their insureds. We strive to do so competently and ethically. That is our commitment, my commitment as a Lawyer on the Side of People.

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