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Larry Slagle

The accident was NOT my fault, so Why must I fight with my car insurance?

“Well what exactly is the point of having uninsured motorist coverage because these people don’t have licenses and insurance, if you cannot use it? I’m so confused and annoyed. All I know is I am NOT at fault because I […]

Larry Slagle

Anti Consumer Legislation

Wisconsin legislators and Governor Scott Walker continue to shill for their corporate puppet masters and erode what had been historically a Progressive state.  This week Wisconsin reduced the time for filing suit (known as the Statute of Limitations) on Claims […]

Larry Slagle

A Lawyer on the Side of People

Every year in America there are millions of preventable injuries and deaths. For Lawyers on the Side of People the primary goal is to forge a safer society by forcing negligent wrongdoers to accept responsibility and hopefully to prevent future […]